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Southern Limits Outfitters  2-02.jpg
Southern Limits Outfitters  2-02.jpg

Southern Limits Outfitters

Countdown To Fun

Southern Limits Outfitters is a fishing camp located in Shell Beach Louisiana. Our Campsite is located just across the street from the water. We are a few steps to Campos Marina. Shell Beach Louisiana is home to some of the most diverse fishing in south Louisiana.

Latest Updates

Launching Our Online Store Soon

Stay connected with Southern Limits Outfitters and always know what’s going on at your favorite Fishing Camp. Every year, we make improvements to cater to our community's needs and tastes. Our news and updates section helps keep guests excited about coming back all year long. Stay informed by following us here.

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Life Is Better When You Fish

For more information about Southern Limits Outfitters Camp Rental Please Call Today!


1301 Yscloskey Hwy
St Bernard, St Bernard Parish 70085

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